Areas Many People Use Coaches

  • Balancing personal life and work
  • Improve communication skills
  • Project or event planning
  • Organization
  • Procrastination
  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Family and Relationships 
  • Wellness and Health 
  • Financial stability
  • Budgeting and spending habits
  • Retirement or change in life
  • Moving 
  • Job or Career Change

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Life and Personal Coaching

A Life and Personal Coach focuses on an individual’s current life, providing a supportive conversation with powerful questions using strategies to create a positive outcome in change, personal growth, direction and more.  YOUR COACH will help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, by breaking through your limited beliefs of yourself, challenge you to think bigger and creating a plan of action to live the life you desire.  Invest in yourself by being in a conversation discovering all the possibilities that can bring you peace, confidence, happiness and success.

  • Your future self with thank you.
  • EVERYONE could benefit from working with a life coach!
  • Professionals, homemakers, creative people, musicians, retirees, people in financial crisis, entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders, actors, start-ups, managers, small business owners, college students, public speakers, adults in mid-life crisis and more all can reach their goals finding their direction in life now and in the future with the support of a life coach.  

 Create your list now:

  • Set and achieve goals and objectives
  • Planning-Life, Events, Wellness, Retiring, Family, Money
  • Blast through fears and dead ends
  • Clear clutter from my mind and life
  • Money issues and financial planning
  • Balance my personal and business life
  • Lose weight and improve my overall wellness
  • Get organized and productive
  • Decisions to design strategies and goals for success
  • Communicate better and with confidence
  • Become a problem-free zone with positive energy
  • Build powerful relationships
  • Breakthrough closed doors and see what’s on the other side
  • Go back to school, get a job or start a new career
  • Find the ideal career or business that suites my life
  • Improve relationships or find the ideal partner
  • Get out of the rut I’m currently in
  • Make or plan an important life transition
  • Start a hobby or business for extra money
  • Live my ideal life with a purpose and plan
  • Identify my core values and passions
  • Fulfill personal and emotional needs
  • Manage money better
  • More time to enjoy life and what’s important to you
  • Playing, having adventures, and a lot more fun
  • Find me time
  • And so much more…

Working With a Coach Can Change Your Life and Career

Entrepreneur, Business and Career Coaching

Business and Career Coaches work one on one with professionals, groups or teams in companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, management and leaders. Creates a positive direction and growth for professionals, teams or whole organizations by taking them where they are now to where they want to be. Clarify your vision, then create action steps to get results with accountability and support. Your business coach will also help you break through your limited beliefs of yourself and challenge you to think bigger. It’s time to take your leadership, communication skills, business, professional career, public speaking and much more to the next level.

  • You’ll never regret investing in your business or career by having a coach.
  • ANYONE who has a career, needs employment, owns a business, is an entrepreneur, is in leadership or management, wants to start a new job or get promoted benefits from coaching!
  • Professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders, actors, musicians, creative people, managers, small business owners, start-ups, preparing for retirement, home-makers running small businesses, public speakers, non-profits and more, all can reach their goals and full potential with the support of a business coach.

 Create your list now:

  • Set and achieve goals and objectives
  • Plan –  career, growth, budgets, marketing
  • Blast through fears and dead ends holding me back
  • Get promoted or move to new department/job
  • Clear clutter (physically and mentally) and prioritize
  • Get organized with plan that works specifically for me
  • Delegate more often and do it efficiently 
  • Improve my leadership skills
  • Obtain financial security and independence
  • Balance my business and personal life
  • Add corporate wellness or incorporate fitness at work
  • Decisions to design strategies and goals for success
  • Communicate powerfully and succinctly
  • Become a problem-free zone with positive energy
  • Build powerful relationships with clients & coworkers
  • Breakthrough closed doors and explore  opportunities
  • Find the ideal career/work or business for me
  • Get out of the rut I’m in and get motivated
  • Make an important business transition
  • Start a business,  change careers or retire
  • Grow my business and take it to the next level
  • Identify the core values of my business or job position
  • Fulfill personal and emotional needs at work
  • Make more money and manage money better
  • Make more time to enjoy my life & family to it’s fullest
  • Find me time
  • And so much more…


What changes and accomplishments would you like to make in your business, wellness, career or personal life?

What would you be doing if you didn’t have so many conflicting thoughts going through your head,

were able to make decisions and reach your goals?

I’m the person to support you through a positive focused process

and assist you in a direction that takes you where you want to be?

Free with no strings attached, conversation and consultation offered to you right now!


Coach Celeste Reeves

Business, Personal and Wellness Coaching

ICF  –  ACC Accredited | Erickson International – ECPC Accredited





What my clients say

Some Of Many Satisfied Clients

“Life coaching gives me a specific time to sit down and organize my thoughts and areas of my life that I want to improve. I am able to prioritize, whether big or small, a couple of different subjects or focusing on one at a time. Celeste coaches and guides me through simple steps to help me recognize my own thoughts and directions I want in specific areas of my life.  Now I’m more conscious and intentional with my actions and choices.”

S. Garland

“I get so much more out of having a business coach than I ever thought possible. It has changed my professional career in many positive, successful ways. Working with Celeste allows me to be able to sort through the many ideas, decisions, concerns, and sometimes direction I need to be taking. She professionally guides me through thought-provoking questions, allowing me the time to find clarity, as well as purposeful actions steps. Improving my professional career has extended into my personal life in a powerful way. Now I have more free time for myself, family and friends, because I have a business coach that supports me, holds me accountable and helps me prioritize my professional and personal values and choices.  “

Morgan T.

“Quest Mind and Body Group Coaching online was so convenient because I didn’t have to take time out of my day to drive anywhere and could do it from anywhere with my phone, iPad or computer.  I loved the small group support and networking, felt comfortable to share my thoughts and it felt like a small group of friends in my home.  It’s important to go back and refresh learning, put good habits into place and stay active in improving yourself.  Mind and Body Coaching is a great environment to work on goals and not being alone on your journey. “

Gloria Floyd

Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Georgia