Ways to Communicate with your Coach

 for Personal, Business or Wellness Coaching

One on one coaching, Team and Group Coaching can be done by telephone, online or in person. 

Face to face meetings can build rapport effectively between coach and client, but online or telephone coaching can offer individuals and companies the same level of support and confidentiality.

Coaching by telephone or online using Zoom, WebEx, Facetime, Skype is very popular:

Accessibility Good option for people who travel frequently or too busy to commit to regular face to face appointments, people living in remote areas, parents without child care and people housebound or disabled.  There is more flexibility, and with more times available with online or telephone coaching sessions can be arranged sooner when necessary.  Cost is less when traveling is not an added expense.

Anonymity – Online and telephone coaching services offer the client a higher level of privacy. It’s beneficial for clients who may feel uncomfortable in a face to face setting, especially when answering personal questions about themselves. Telephone or online conversations with a coach can help clients be less inhibited, more likely to discuss important and sometimes difficult issues.

Flexibility There can be a lag time in between needed coaching sessions due to being in the same place at the same time, that’s when online and telephone sessions are beneficial at flexible times.

ConfidentialityOnline or telephone coaching is an ideal way for individuals to seek confidential and professional support at any time that suits their schedule. Online coaching also ensures that individuals can access coaching if, for whatever reason, they cannot attend a traditional face to face setting.

Do you need to be computer literate to have online coaching?

The basic computer skills are needed to pursue the option of online coaching, but you do not need to be a technical genius to make online coaching work. As your coach, I will be able to provide a simple step-by-step approach to getting started and assist you with any technical questions.  You will have the option of using Zoom, Facetime, Webex or Skype for your online coaching.

How do I get started or find out more?
The first step is easy, contact me so that we can have a brief discussion about the issue or topic you would like the coaching to include. I will also outline the confidentiality policy as well as other general information.

Following introductions and agreements of service, the coach will email the client a welcome pack and some initial resources before the coaching begins. This can help the client to prepare themselves for the coaching experience and provide a guide and support throughout the entire process.

Next we will arrange future telephone, online or in person sessions for times that suit your schedule. During these sessions, we will discuss your current personal, business or career situations and concerns. This information will then be used to devise specific goals and plans, implementation, reviewed and revised over an agreed number of coaching sessions.

In terms of payment, you will pay via a secure online payment before the session or other payment options that are available.

Now that we got that all out of the way…….Let’s talk and get things started.  My promise to you is no pressure sells and your contact information will never be shared or sold to other companies.  



 Top Issues Resolved

  • BALANCE Personal Life & Work

  • Overcoming CONFLICT
  • JOB or CAREER search or change


  • MANAGE MONEY issues 

  • Improve FITNESS  and WELLNESS

  • Life changing EVENTS

  • Small business SUPPORT

  • Becoming an ENTREPRENEUR or support

  • Want to MAKE A CHANGE

  • Find more TIME FOR YOU

  • Want a PURPOSE in your life


  • DECISIONS on selling, building or MOVING

  • Improve RELATIONSHIPS at home and work

  • Long or short term PLANNING

  • FIND your true VALUES

  • EVERYONE can benefit from having a personal or professional coacch

“Life coaching gives me a specific time to sit down and organize my thoughts and areas of my life that I want to improve. I am able to prioritize, whether big or small, a couple of different subjects or focusing on one at a time. Celeste coaches and guides me through simple steps to help me recognize my own thoughts and directions I want in specific areas of my life.  Now I’m more conscious and intentional with my actions and choices.”

Sarah Garland

“I get so much more out of having a Business Coach than I ever thought possible. It has changed my professional career in many positive, successful ways. Working with Celeste allows me to be able to sort through the many ideas, decisions, concerns, and sometimes direction I need to be taking. She professionally guides me through important thought-provoking questions, allowing me the time to find clarity, as well as purposeful actions steps. Improving my professional career has powerfully extended into my personal life. Now I have more free time for myself, family and friends, because I have a business coach that supports me, holds me accountable and helps me prioritize my professional and personal values and choices.”

Morgan T.

“I enjoyed my experience with Quest Mind and Body Group online coaching. The topics we discussed were applicable to many facets of life, and the tools learned have been valuable in handling many different daily circumstances.  The ability to participate in a live online program with coach Celeste Reeves was extremely convenient for my schedule. The ability to express myself and hear other different points of view on topics discussed was enlightening in many ways. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to create the best life possible not only physically through nutrition and exercise, but also mentally throughout the day in my personal and work life.”

Tammy Mellott

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